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We fix cars and vans in Edinburgh as well as private vehicles. With over 25 years’ experience in vehicle repairs and servicing, your motor is in safe and reliable hands.
Our specialist skills include air conditioning repairs, computer diagnostics, alternator repairs, injection repairs and turbo remanufacture.
We run special offers and deals throughout the year on car & van repairs and servicing. Our prices are competitive and we take pride in our high standards of workmanship.
If you’re short on time, you can book your car or van MOT online. We’ll get in touch with you to confirm all the details of your booking.

Reliable Commercial Vehicle Repair in Edinburgh – Easy as 123Van

When you’re looking for a reliable place to take your van or car in Edinburgh for repairs, servicing or an MOT, it’s as easy as 123Van.

Our qualified technicians will take care of your private or commercial vehicles and get them back on the road again as soon as possible, without compromising on our high standards of workmanship. We expertly carry out a wide range of car & van repair services from replacing tyres and exhausts, through to identifying and fixing suspension and steering faults.

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Car & Van Repair Centre Edinburgh: Unit 3, Bonnington Mill, 60-72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh EH6 5QB, UK
Opening hours: Mon -Fri: 9am - 6pm, Sat: 9am - 5pm